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Conquering MyPyramid for Kids!

Did you know there's a brand-new pyramid and it's just for you?

It's called MyPyramid for Kids and it shows you how to eat right, exercise and have fun.

Following MyPyramid helps you to stay healthy, feel good and look good. And it's not hard—MyPyramid says it's A-OK to change what you eat and how you exercise one step at a time.

Let's explore MyPyramid and you'll see that it's easy to conquer!

MyPyramid's Not-So-Secret Messages

Every part of the MyPyramid symbol has a message for you. Here's what they say:

Be Physically Active Every Day!  The person climbing the stairs reminds you to do something active every day, like walking fast, running, playing, dancing, jumping rope, riding your bike, skating, swimming, playing basketball and soccer, climbing lots of stairs—or whatever ways you like to move!

Kids your age should be active for 60 minutes every day. That's pretty easy to do because you can rack it up in shorter time chunks throughout the day. For example, you could take a walk for 20 minutes, shoot baskets for 20 minutes and help around the house for 20 minutes doing things like vacuuming or raking leaves. There's your 60 minutes for the day!

Every Color Every Day!  The colors orange, green, red, yellow, blue and purple represent MyPyramid's five food groups plus oils. The different colors represent "variety," meaning that to be healthy, you should eat foods from every color food group every day and choose lots of different foods from within each food group.

Eat More From Some Food Groups Than Others!  Some of MyPyramid's colored stripes are wider than others. The different sizes remind you to choose more foods from the food groups with the widest stripes.

Choose Healthier Foods From Each Group! The colored stripes are wider at the bottom of MyPyramid. That's because every food group has foods you should eat more often than others—these foods are at the bottom of the pyramid.

Learn lots more about MyPyramid for Kids!  Go to  You can also check out the new MyPyramid Menu Planner at

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