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Cool Things To Do Outside When It's Cold

Brrr! It's a cold day and you're all bundled up, looking for some fun. When it comes to playing, snow and ice can be nice!

To get warm and to help your parents out at the same time, see how fast you can shovel the snow off the driveway or sidewalk. (Before you start shoveling, warm up your muscles by doing a few minutes of fast walking or jumping jacks. When you finish, cool down by walking around for five minutes and doing some stretches.) Make some giant snow people or other snow creatures. Build an igloo or a fort, and store all your snowballs there.

Play football in the snow. Keep both hands on the ball, or you'll fumble! Strap on those ice skates and play a little ice hockey–he shoots, he scores! Or practice your jumps, twists and turns on ice - or even your speed skating skills. You can bet Olympic gold medallist Apolo Anton Ohno practices tons, too. Or see the snow rushing past you from a sled (or toboggan)–it's fast and fun!

More cool things to do outside when it's cold:

  • Play tag in the snow (it's a lot harder to run!).
  • Take a nature hike, and look for animal footprints.
  • Pull your friends around on a sled.
  • Make snow angels.
  • Practice your aim by throwing snowballs at a skinny tree (see how many times out of 20 you can hit the tree from 10 steps away).
  • Snowboard or ski.

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