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Fun Moves For Two

Just you and a friend hanging out, looking for something to do?

Play ping-pong or tennis for the "world championship." Or set up a badminton net in the yard and bat the birdie back and forth to one another. Or forget the net and play without it–just don't let the birdie hit the ground!

Try a quick basketball match, just one-on-one. Do some sprints and see who can improve their time the most. Run all the plays of the game-winning drive for your favorite football team. And if you're into cheerleading, invent some new cheers with your friend and try them out.

More things to do when there are two:

  • Have a handstand contest–see who can stay up the longest.
  • Invent dances to your favorite songs.
  • See who can do the most cartwheels in a row.
  • Jump rope together.
  • Ride bikes (don't forget your helmets).
  • Practice pitching and hitting a baseball.
  • Play Frisbee® disc.
  • Take an adventure hike.

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